Integrated Conducts Of Development Equation is a systematic methodology for Digital age Civilization developed by IHENTUGE EKEH, FOUNDER OF LogOn.

This system was developed by him after a long-term research work on Inclusive governance.

To develop this concept, he had to go to the drawing board of the African leadership configuration table to employ the basic core value of live and civilization which entails ethics by moral and codes of conduct by discipline.

From there, he was able to derive the concept of the basic core values of civilization into the setting up of foundation stones for the building of our institutions. These foundation stones form the institutional framework for absorbing every member of the working-class community in a matrix through their Occupation by Ethics and Profession/ Aptitude by Codes of Conducts, variables. Occupational values are associated with the Industry the individual belongs to or hopes to find oneself in the future while the Profession/ Aptitude is associated with the expertise of the individual or the field/course the individual hopes to pursue in life.

He went ahead to generate a matrix for the purpose of having a calculated measurement of the management of human resources for proper connections we can use to integrate, cooperate and develop. The Matrix is to engage 144 persons in each whereby 12 people will be found in each of the 12 departments.

The Occupation and Profession/ Aptitude form the Coordinates for each of the departments.

Those departments are named according to the line of thought considered to match their various demands for the networking of the individuals and the groups.

This Matrix first of all provides every individual with a unique identity code and a role to play by the use of two dual digit codes or symbols representing the number 01-12 of the departments or the corresponding symbol in use to identify each department across the code numbers of the departments.

Also the iCODE Matrix will provide the groups of 144 who can form an organisation such as Cooperative, identity and role to play in the society.

This 12 by 12 Matrix is generated from the concept of iCODE.

The Matrix provides the systematic methodology required to organize our societies starting from the immediate communities and connecting people in different dimensions of parks and clusters, horizontal and vertical dimensions, occupation and profession.

The Matrix is in use for creating a new governance model whereby digital age Civilization which does not segment human beings by divisive factors can be obtained. The iCODE Matrix has been used by its inventor to generate human linkages by value. The essence is to derive mutual trust benefits for co-prosperity among the citizens.

For electronic commerce social media networking, the Matrix has been invented to eliminate identity problems through a blockchain technological approach. Secondly, it has been used to confront the challenges of connect in the social media networking whereby people are connected based on the spontaneous decision of users which in most cases are radicalized.

The iCODE Matrix can provide in the media networks, a connect system that can be driven by team build ups of like-minds and people who can be connected only on the basis of demand and supply components. It has been used to generate a mechanism for demand and supply value chain for inclusive governance and for international trade of commodities and services, which is the foundation for globalization. It has also become the bedrock for sector conglomeration which synchronizes the nations with the globalization. With the Matrix of ICODE, global governance and development can become easier and simplistic. It can be applied to increase the commercial values and potentials of the individual who decides to use our platform for e-commerce and socialization. It will be used to provide every user a connect value and some level of monopoly to champion the global marketing and sales of some peculiar products which can be synonymous with the individual, through the persons virtual shop.

LogOn is spiritually committed towards eliminating hunger in Africa and around the globe through its iCODE SYSTEM. We are happy when others are happy. We are fully involved in the accelerated progress of the individual, the prosperity of the society and the Peace of the world.


No. Code of Conduct (Discipline) Ethics (Morals)
01 Identification Accountability
02 Monitoring Justice
03 Examination Rule of Law
04 Evaluation Fairness
05 Well-Being Equality
06 Planning Equity
07 Education/Employment Human Capital
08 Productive Productivity
09 Optimal Service Services Delivery
10 Reconciliation Performance & Rewards
11 Safety/ Defense Social Inclusion
12 Funding Financial Inclusion


Fundamental Level
01 Inventory Database
02 Litigation Legal
03 Constitution Law Making
Strategic Level
04 Politics Coordination/Leadership
05 Socials Wellness
06 Economics Budgets
Developmental Level
07 Manpower/ Labour Skills/ Recruitment
08 Production Products
09 Services Service
Implementation Level
10 Needs Assesment Values Allocation
11 Security Policing/ Defense
12 Finance Financing


01 CYBER Citizens YellowPage by Electronic Reference
02 COURT Council Of Union for Religion & Tradition
03 VASS Voters Assembly
04 LogOn Loyal Order to Government of Nations
05 JOS Joint Order Security
06 IMO Information Money Order
07 ILEAD Integrated Labour, Employment & Academic Development
08 PIB Productive Industry Bureau
09 SIB Service Industry Bureau
10 CPPP Civil-Public-Private Partnership
11 H-FORCE Human Force
12 BEDE Bits Electro-Digital Equity