About Us

LogOn Global Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the government of Nigeria in 2014. LogOn, simply called is also registered with the National Planning Commission of the Ministry of Budgets and Planning.

As a member of World Association of NGOS (WANGO), we are poised towards the pursuit of global development through the leadership of the African continent.

As an ngo, we are committed toward building a new framework for the African continent and its governance configuration such that the ordinary people can earn human respect and dignity due to them.

PEACE_AMB (1)We have witnessed the failure of African leaders and therefore hope to intervene through philosophical means of reform human character through Leadership education and cooperative movement in our communities.

For the period more than a decade, The Founder of Logon painstakingly embarked on a research exercise on inclusive governance for the purpose of Digging deep into the sources of Africa’s leadership challenges and in the end, he was able to derive a meaning out of Africa’s governance crisis.

The founder of LogOn has submitted his opinions through his book (iCODE NIGERIA), a few media interviews and other various grassroot for a highlighting the need for Africa countries to advance in Civilization by changing from its current form of governance, model and system and looking up into the 21st Century Civilization that can be suitable for its highly divisive composition as nations.

 IHENTUGE BEDE EKEH who founded LogOn proposes that African states should advance from practicing Democracy and begin to practice Digital-age Civilization, also to stop practicing Public Private Partnership (PPP) economic model and start practicing Civil (Peoples)-Public-Private Partnership (PPPP) and finally considers an ‘ integrated Conduct of Development Equation-iCODE as her system of government.

Our Founder stated his Bede’s Edict as ‘ POVERTY ERADICATION IS KEYBOARD TO GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR’. LogOn simply believes that the bottom-line of her pursuit for good governance is to eliminate hunger in Africa and reduce poverty on the continent.

LogOn, through its Leadership Academy is licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce Law in Nigeria to Commission responsible citizens of the world with the award of honor as ‘AMBASSADOR FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE’ so as to encourage them to participate fully into the development of our communities and immediate environment through knowledge transfer, Information and Empowerment of the ordinary people. Also, our organization, is totally committed into forming Cooperative Unions in the communities where citizens from all sectors can connect together for integration, Cooperation and Development of the individuals, groups and the societies at large.

To achieve our aims and objectives, we have set up the very first CITIZENS CENTER in a rural community at the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, in Nigeria to house the Leadership education center and the Cooperative movement so as to build the content of our desired developmental stride from the local communities through grassroot technology.



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